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Can we be honest about something? We write this blog for our own entertainment — but we also write it for your entertainment. Since this is an activity that brings us and so many people joy, we decided that the focus of this blog should be the subject of entertainment. After all, there is a lot we have to say about entertainment. It comes in so many forms and can look like different things to different people. For instance, some people love going to the ballet, while others find it boring. We hope that reading the articles on this website is a form of entertainment you enjoy.


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For Your Entertainment, and Ours


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Mountain Resort's Entertainment

Staying at a mountain resort gives you the chance to design the vacation of your dreams. Whether you want to spend the day on the slopes or enjoy a lot of time relaxing by the warmth of the fire while taking in gorgeous views, you can do things your way. While planning your stay, keep in mind that many mountain resorts schedule high-quality entertainment onsite. You may be able to enjoy live music and novelty entertainers.

4 Smart Ways To Save Money On Fireworks

Getting enough fireworks to put on a sizeable display can get expensive fast, even if you are just entertaining your family or neighborhood. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can save money and create an amazing fireworks show.  #1: Utilize Price Matching Price matching is not just for electronic stores; most firework stores will also gladly price match. If you have more than one firework store in your area and find that somewhere else is selling the fireworks that you want for cheaper, if you can pull up the pricing on their website or show it with an advertisement, you can more than likely get them to price match.