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For Your Entertainment, and Ours

4 Smart Ways To Save Money On Fireworks

by Kathryn Bryant

Getting enough fireworks to put on a sizeable display can get expensive fast, even if you are just entertaining your family or neighborhood. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can save money and create an amazing fireworks show. 

#1: Utilize Price Matching

Price matching is not just for electronic stores; most firework stores will also gladly price match. If you have more than one firework store in your area and find that somewhere else is selling the fireworks that you want for cheaper, if you can pull up the pricing on their website or show it with an advertisement, you can more than likely get them to price match. Some stands will allow you to take pictures of products from other firework businesses and price match based on your pictures. Find out if the firework business you like to shop at has a price matching policy.

#2: Find Some Coupons

Many firework stands will have online coupons you can print out and bring into the store. They may also run advertisements with coupons in the local paper that you can clip and bring in. Additionally, if you sign up for their email or mailing list, you may get coupons you can use sent directly to your mail or your email box! Couponing isn't just for groceries; it can be a superb method to secure a deal on your fireworks.

#3: Go for Smaller Fireworks

Large fireworks cost more, and they don't always bring the show you were hoping they would bring. In many states, there is a legal limit for the grams of powder a firework can contain. Those larger fireworks usually cost more and don't always bring that much more flash.

Instead of going for a large firework, get two or three of the fireworks that are half the largest firework size. They should cost less, but they can put on a good show if you light them together. You can stretch your budget further by going for smaller fireworks instead of oversized fireworks.

#4: Bundle Things Up

Many fireworks businesses will offer you a discount if you bundle up your fireworks. It is not uncommon to see offers such as buying 500 dollars worth of fireworks and getting 250 dollars of fireworks free. You can go big and spend up to whatever the buy amount is to get the free fireworks on your own, or you can head to the store with a friend and split the cost of what you must buy, and then split the free fireworks. 

When working to save money buying fireworks, remember price comparisons and couponing are two great discount savings methods that work in the fireworks industry. You can also go for smaller fireworks rather than a few large fireworks. Finally, bundling things up and spending a lot of money, even if you do it with a friend, is a great way to score some discounts. 

For more information, contact a wholesale fireworks supplier.